Managing Director

Rana Lonnen is a healthcare technology investor, entrepreneur, and molecular biologist. At Novartis, she focuses on strategic investments in healthcare technologies. Rana is passionate about corporate ventures as an innovation tool that can shape the future of the parent company, while creating value to startups and the innovation ecosystem. Rana is motivated by ventures that reconcile a higher purpose with business growth.

Previously, Rana was Head of Preclinical Development at a UK biotech, Auspherix and was consultant to venture capital firms on academic spinouts and intellectual property licensing. Prior to this, Rana was a principal investigator leading translational medicine in infection, immunity and inflammation; her teams research led to high impact publications; she won a Wellcome Trust Seeding Drug Discovery Award and became Founder and CSO of Axendos therapeutics, with first-in-class compounds and patent granted in the US. Before this, Rana worked at Bristol-Myers Squibb, in sales and marketing.

Rana holds a PhD in molecular biology and an Executive MBA from Imperial College London, focused on innovation, entrepreneurship, and human-centered design. In her down time, Rana is a hidden chef, coaches entrepreneurs, loves live music and dance performances and hikes in the mountains.

Rana is a board observer at Koneksa and NuvoAir, and is based out of Basel, Switzerland.

Rana Lonnen, Managing Director